Science Fair Projects for Fourth-Grade Students?

Answer Fourth-graders are ready to explore scientific laws using observations and basic research skills. Science fair projects help students discover the world around them using ordinary objects and inexp... Read More »

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Ideas for Science Fair Projects for Fourth Grade?

A high percentage of a student's grade may depend on a single project--the science fair project. Therefore, careful consideration must be given as to what type of project is suitable for a fourth g... Read More »

Fourth-Grade Science Fair Projects on Acid Rain?

Volcanoes, decaying organic matter and emissions from burning fossil fuels produce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere. These gasses react with oxygen, water and other chemicals in... Read More »

Science Fair Projects By 8th Grade Students on Plants?

Eighth-grade students should enter science with an impressive amount of educational experience and knowledge. At this point, students have already learned the principles of physical science and lif... Read More »

Science Fair Topics for Fourth Grade?

At the age of 9 and 10, fourth graders are reaching the end of their elementary school careers. While science fair projects should still be focused on fun and creative acess to science, more advanc... Read More »