Science Fair Projects With Fiber Optics?

Answer Fiber optics is a method of delivering light through clear, glass wires, or fibers. Light can travel through these fibers over long distances. The fiber can carry light through twists and turns jus... Read More »

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Middle School Science Fair Projects on the Bending Strength of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar & Fiberglass?

The phenomenon of bending is one of the most interesting subjects in engineering. In bending, you can deform a metal and change its shape through the application of stress that is greater than the ... Read More »

Science Projects with Fiber Optic Strands?

Fiber optics provide a relatively new source of inspiration for a myriad of innovative science fair project ideas. Many ideas can be gleaned by posing "what if" questions and hypothesizing various ... Read More »

Science Projects on Optics?

Optics refers to the science and the property of light. There are a number of science projects involving optics that can help students understand more about light and how the eyes perceive it. Usin... Read More »

Science Fair Projects with Egg Drops?

An egg drop is a great way to demonstrate various principles of physics, including inertia and damping or shock absorption. The goal of a science fair project with an egg drop is to drop an egg fro... Read More »