Science Fair Project Ideas for 7th Graders That Include Electric & Engineering?

Answer The science fair is a rite of passage for students as they progress through their academic career. Seventh graders stand at an important transitional stage of scientific inquiry, between straightfo... Read More »

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Science Fair Project Ideas for First Graders?

Science fair projects will allow first graders to explore science, experiment with different materials and share this information with the class. First grade science projects will need an adult to ... Read More »

What Are Some Ideas for a Science Fair Project on Volcanoes for 6th Graders?

Volcanoes make an interesting and educational basis for sixth-graders' science fair projects. Projects can center on in-depth research, original experiments and demonstrations or a combination of t... Read More »

Ideas for a 7th Grade Science Fair Engineering Project?

You can take many angles for a science fair project topic. One suitable angle for a 7th grade science fair is engineering. As engineering contains many areas of study, from aerodynamics to computer... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas for Seventh-Graders Involving Music?

Exploring the science behind music is a creative and interesting focus for your seventh-graders' science fair projects. Music influences many different areas of science, such as the physics behind ... Read More »