Science Fair Project Ideas About Gravity?

Answer Scientists such as Galileo, Brahe, Kepler and Isaac Newton laid the groundwork for and developed the concept of gravity. It was Newton who coined the term in the 1600s. Gravity is a natural, invisi... Read More »

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Ideas for a Science Fair Project About Eggs?

Science fair projects may be frustrating to students who haven't found a topic yet for their project. With a few eggs and some basic materials that you can find around the home, you can create an ... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas About Money?

Money is a vital commodity in our lives. That is why it is important to know as much as we can about how it is made. Science projects involving money can reveal something about the materials used i... Read More »

Behavioral Science Fair Project Ideas About Dogs?

Dog owners always seem to wonder what's going on in their dog's brain. The question arises of what brain impulses trigger the behavior of barking for no reason, chasing after their own tails or sta... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas About Changing Water Density?

Water is an amazing liquid. It expands when it coverts from a liquid to a solid, making it less dense in the process. This is the reason why ice floats on water. Science projects on the density of ... Read More »