Science Fair Project Directions?

Answer Science fairs are an excellent way for students to learn, first-hand, the methods and steps involved in scientific experimentation and research. No matter what science project is on your horizon fo... Read More »

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Winning Science Fair Project Ideas on Earth Science?

Science fair projects give students the chance to demonstrate their knowledge of the scientific method by planning and executing their experiments. Projects in earth sciences deal with the age and ... Read More »

Science Project: Directions for Making Edible Volcanoes?

Make a volcano that is entirely edible, instead of the traditional papier-mache model, for your next science project. An edible volcano can be constructed from cake mix, then molded into the shape ... Read More »

Science Fair Project Inventions?

Students entering a science fair can do one of two types of projects: investigative or inventive. Some science fairs will focus on one or the other project type while other fairs will allow student... Read More »

Tips for a Science Fair Project?

A science fair is your chance to explore areas of science that hold your interest and share that enjoyment with others. Your topic can be simple or complex but there are specific tips which will he... Read More »