Science Fair Ideas With Colors?

Answer Basing a science fair project on color allows you to explore the aesthetic aspects of the phenomenon you're demonstrating. When preparing a project for a science fair, consider your use of color wh... Read More »

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Science Fair Ideas With Herbs?

Herbs are used in cooking as well as for medicinal purposes. The study of an herb's unique properties can make for an excellent science fair project. Study the medicinal effects, as well as other b... Read More »

Science Fair Ideas With Toys?

No one ever said science had to be boring, and coming up with a good science fair project that uses a toy demonstrates just how fun science can be. Some ideas require the use of simple, small toys ... Read More »

Science Fair Ideas With Eggshells?

The best science fair projects are low-cost and versatile. Experiments that demonstrate scientific principles using readily available items can be as simple or as complex as you want. Eggs and thei... Read More »

Ideas for Science Fair Projects With Dogs?

Man's best friend can be more than just your companion; it can be the source of your science fair project. Dogs make wonderful test subjects because they are easy to find and fun to work with durin... Read More »