Science Fair Ideas With Baking or Cooking?

Answer For any student considering a job as a food technician, food scientist, or pursuing an interest in culinary science, conducting a science fair project using baking and cooking techniques can be a g... Read More »

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Science Fair Projects With Salt, Sugar, Baking Soda, Vinegar & Cooking Oil?

Science fair projects are fun for students but they are also a lot of work. Picking a interesting project will make the work go faster. Often the things we see around our house such as baking soda,... Read More »

Cooking Ideas for a Science Fair Project?

Many scientific principles can be explored in science fair projects using the context of cooking, and a variety of foods can illustrate several types of reactions. Common kitchen staples, such as s... Read More »

Science Fair Projects on What Different Baking Ingredients Do?

When muffins bake, chemical reactions are occurring to transform the batter into a delicious treat. A muffin is a quick bread, meaning yeast is not required for a light, fluffy muffin. Instead leav... Read More »

Middle School Science Cooking Fair Projects?

One of the oldest sciences is cooking. Food science was essential to human survival and it continues to be a robust science with discoveries being made all the time. Add either a cooking section to... Read More »