Science Fair Ideas That Will Help Society?

Answer A science fair is a time to showcase experiments and projects that ask a question, and then seek to find the answers. Depending on your grade level, you might be able to choose your own science fa... Read More »

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Science Fair Ideas That Are Not Costly?

There are a great number of science projects that are either free or very inexpensive to conduct, taking advantage of the resources that you might already have on hand at home or in a science class... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas That Are Too Common?

No matter how hard you try, a common science fair project can't impress judges, mostly because you can't present new and interesting information. To avoid selecting common science fair projects, av... Read More »

Science Fair Ideas That Involve Sports?

Science fair projects that involve sports offer many possibilities. Like any science project, you will first determine your hypothesis, then collect, analyze data and summarize your findings. If yo... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas That Are Out of the Ordinary?

Fascinate the judges at your science fair with a spectacular science project. Many scientific principles result in the unexpected. Once you understand what is causing the spectacular reaction you c... Read More »