Science Experiment Projects for Fifth Graders?

Answer Fifth grade science teachers must follow the state standards for their science curriculum. Among the standards, students must have lessons in the areas of: Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Sci... Read More »

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Good Science Fair Projects for Fifth-Graders?

Each year, many fifth-graders participate in a science fair. It can be a fun and educational experience, but conceiving of a project topic can sometimes be daunting. The key to conducting a science... Read More »

Simple & Easy Science Projects for Fifth-Graders?

One of the best ways to get your fifth-grade students engaged with science is to involve them with simple and easy science projects. Help your fifth-graders with any potentially dangerous aspects o... Read More »

First-Place Science Projects for Fifth-Graders?

Fifth-grade students can base their science projects on one of the key disciplines: biology, chemistry, physics or earth science. You should encourage your students to organize their approach to th... Read More »

Social Studies Projects for Fifth Graders?

Social studies is a broad subject of study that includes geography, history and the study of societies. In the fifth grade, students are old enough to learn about the complexities of cultures and t... Read More »