Science Discoveries for Kids?

Answer Setting up simple science projects for your students is a powerful learning tool. Students can be lead to discover basic scientific truths by themselves through inquiry based learning. The lessons ... Read More »

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Science Discoveries of the 70s?

There are many scientific discoveries that occur each year, including throughout the 1970s. One example is the introduction of bar codes on products in England. These discoveries included various i... Read More »

Discoveries & Breakthroughs in Science?

Recent breakthroughs from scientific research have important implications for human health and the continuing quest to learn more about our origins and our universe. These discoveries span multipl... Read More »

What is the name of the kids' science TV show that opened with an animated dragon on a roller coaster from the late 1970s that featured a couple doing science experiments?

Either Lollypop Dragon which had scientific overtones - a segment on maps and globes, for example, or maybe Great Space Coaster, which came out around l980 I am going by what I see in Juvenile book... Read More »

I want to start introduction my kids to science not sure what to start with Kids aged 3?

Animals: Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, Insects, a seashell collection, aquatic invertsRocks: a rock collectionPlants: Plant some seeds and watch the plants grow (bean, pea, carrot,... Read More »