Science Concept: what things are made of. Ideas?

Answer I did a very basic science/bible project last week with 4 preschoolers. We made cookies from scratch. I let everyone taste a little bit of each ingredient (except eggs) by itself and tell me if i... Read More »

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Ideas for Things to Do for a Science Project?

Science project ideas can stem from anywhere. Students and science enthusiasts can explore the many varieties of science through basic tests, presentations and interests. Science fairs are educatio... Read More »

Who developed the concept that everything is made of atoms?

Isaac Newton first proposed an atomic model in the 1600s, but it was John Dalton who codified the concept in 1803. In Dalton's "atomic theory," all matter is composed of spherical objects called at... Read More »

Winning Science Fair Project Ideas on Earth Science?

Science fair projects give students the chance to demonstrate their knowledge of the scientific method by planning and executing their experiments. Projects in earth sciences deal with the age and ... Read More »

Im having a 13th teen party at mine has anyone got any ideas for like games or things to do any ideas..?

Games & Ideas- You could have a bonfire and roast marshmallows (depending on where you live)- You can dance- You can have a Guitar Hero competition or Dance Dance Revolution competition- Twister- S... Read More »