Science-Based Games?

Answer Introducing games and fun to the science learning environment is a great way to get children interested in different aspects of this broad topic. Playing games presents a good way to add a competit... Read More »

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Science Based Activities?

Teach children the scientific method with an experiment. A science activity about plants can be fun and easy and a great way to show some of the life functions of the plants on our earth. With the ... Read More »

Brain-Based Science Activities?

The human brain is a fascinating and essential topic for students to explore. Brain-based science projects and activities can be fun as students become familiar with the brain and its related compo... Read More »

Science Projects Based on Crochet?

Crochet doesn't sound like a very scientific activity. However, it does lend itself to a number of projects related to science. There's a big art display of hyperbolic coral reefs made of crochet t... Read More »

Science Projects Based on Energy?

Energy -- the property infusing an object that enables it to do work -- exists in a number of different forms, such as chemical energy, electrical energy, light (radiant energy), mechanical energy ... Read More »