Science Activities for Tissue, Organs & Cells?

Answer In multicellular life, cells make up tissues, tissues make up organs, organs are a part of organ systems, and organ systems work together in organisms. Understanding the relationship among cells, t... Read More »

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What is the tissue fluid that surrounds body cells called?

The tissue fluid that surrounds and bathes body cells is known as interstitial fluid. Its function is to remove waste from cells and provide them with nutrients. Multicellular animals have about 2.... Read More »

When did Robert Hooke discover cells in plant tissue?

English scientist Robert Hooke discovered plant cells in a piece of oak cork, which he examined under an early version of the microscope in 1663. He coined the term "cell" because the boxlike struc... Read More »

Science Activity on Tissue Types?

Cells in living organisms do not function independently of each other, but work together in groups known as tissue. While plants have three types of tissue -- vascular, dermal and ground -- animals... Read More »

Science Projects on 3-D Plant Cells?

Creating a model of a plant cell is a popular science project idea that is both simple and fun to create. You can make models of plant cells from household items that are easy to display and show ... Read More »