Science Activities With a Turtle?

Answer Young science students can learn much from the turtle. The teacher can bring a pet turtle into the classroom for observation and care. She can also use the turtle as a launching pad for studies in ... Read More »

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Science Activities Not to Do With Kids?

Science is fun for every age, but some experiments are not appropriate for certain ages. Preschool- and grade school-level children are often not ready for some of the more complex lessons in scien... Read More »

Science Activities With Chocolate?

It's hard to find a kid who doesn't like chocolate. There are numerous educational activities that you can do with chocolate. You can teach basic science theories, probability or art with some of t... Read More »

Science Activities With Forces?

Physics class is full of information about forces and how they interact with objects. A force is much more than a push or a pull; it includes gravity, friction, and even the swinging of a pendulum.... Read More »

Science Activities With Levers?

Levers are found in most household objects and are part of several science activities. A lever is referred to as a simple machine because it only has two parts, the handle and fulcrum. The handle i... Read More »