Schools in the 21st Century?

Answer Dramatic technological advances have defined the beginning of the 21st century. These advances have made information more globalized and complex, according to 21st Century Schools. Some of these ad... Read More »

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Technology & 21st Century Schools?

As the world becomes increasingly technologically advanced, many school systems and teachers are beginning to incorporate technology such as computer programs and the Internet into their course les... Read More »

Literacy Practice in Schools in the 21st Century?

Literacy in the 21st century does not only involve writing and reading competency, but also involves technological mastery. Employers require students to effectively engage in a technologically adv... Read More »

Why is this century referred to as the 21st century?

This century is known as the 21st century because it encapsulates the years between 2000 through the end of the year 2099. It is the 21 consecutive amount of 100-year periods starting at the year 0... Read More »

What era is the 21st century?

The 21st is known as the "common era" or the "Christian era." Pope Gregory XIII standardized the Gregorian calendar we use today in the year 1582. Since it measures time dating from the birth of Je... Read More »