Schools for Heating and Air Conditioning?

Answer Heating and air conditioning, which is often known as HVAC, is a growing field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that by 2018 the field is to grow 28 percent, adding another 86,600 jobs. Al... Read More »

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How to Learn Heating & Air Conditioning?

The field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), which sometimes also includes refrigeration, is expected to continue a 10-year rise of employment through the year 2018, with a 28 per... Read More »

Negatives of Geothermal Heating & Air Conditioning?

Geothermal energy is literally the heat from inside the Earth. The core, 4,000 miles deep, is the hottest part of the planet, while temperatures get lower nearer to the Earth's surface. The most sh... Read More »

How do I Run an Air Conditioning & Heating Repair Business?

Running your own Heating and Air Conditioning business (called HVAC for short) can be a lucrative enterprise. Industry websites and forums suggest self-run HVAC businesses can make $40,000 to up to... Read More »

The History of Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning?

Never mind that roadster-driving purists may decry air conditioning as a pointless luxury of the coddled. The fact is that the practice of changing interior cabin temperature to make driving more c... Read More »