Schools for At-Risk Teens?

Answer At-risk teenagers face a variety of detrimental socioeconomic factors. Factors such as drug addiction, pregnancy and incarceration are serious risk for teens and endanger their ability to obtain an... Read More »

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Schools for at Risk Teens in California?

A Northeastern University study notes that the drop-out among high school students persists at a worrisome rate. However, many students who drop out are "students waiting and looking for opportunit... Read More »

Schools for Troubled & At-Risk Teens?

Parents and school officials often find it difficult to deal with many of the ongoing problems, such as an undiagnosed learning disability or underlying psychological issues that troubled and at-ri... Read More »

What are the risk factors of a heart attack in teens?

While heart disease is not a major cause of death in teens, there are modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors that can increase a teen's risk of heart attack. Some are hereditary, others are sec... Read More »

Risk & Complications for Teens After Plastic Surgery?

Many teenagers have self-esteem and body issues, and some look to plastic surgery to fix their problems. Plastic surgery, especially cosmetic surgery procedures, can have many risks and complicatio... Read More »