Schools With Metal Detectors?

Answer Metal detectors are not considered a panacea to thwart weapons-related violence in schools. Nevertheless, school officials across the United States often respond to upticks in violent incidents by ... Read More »

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The Use of Metal Detectors at Schools?

In many school districts across America, metal detectors have become a common sight at the school gates. The idea behind them is to stop guns and knives from getting onto campus, which could result... Read More »

Should metal detectors be used in schools?

On One Hand: Metal Detectors Reduce Weapons in SchoolsParents, teachers, and principals looking for ways to help reduce school violence have suggested that metal detectors should be required at eve... Read More »

Why Are Metal Detectors Used for High Schools?

Most high schools in the United States do not have metal detectors. But as school safety has become a larger concern in some locations, metal detectors are being used in an attempt to ensure weapon... Read More »

Would it Be Safer If We Had Metal Detectors in Schools?

The call for metal detectors in schools across America is strong in the wake of high-profile incidents of violence. However, such programs may not always keep students safe. For some schools, metal... Read More »