Schooling for Medical Degrees?

Answer Studying to become a doctor is an intensive process that takes years. After completing a series of premed classes, normally lasting about three years, students go on to medical school for another f... Read More »

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Plastic Surgeon Schooling Degrees?

Plastic-surgeon schooling requires a solid background in the field of medicine starting from the student's pre-med or bachelor's degree to a medical degree. Ideally, a plastic surgeon requires eigh... Read More »

How long is schooling for medical coding?

Classroom medical coding certificates require about 23 credits, which can be completed in one semester (16 weeks). Advanced certificates are 42 credits, requiring two semesters on average. An assoc... Read More »

Schooling for Medical Assistants in Oregon?

Medical assistants are responsible for maintaining the smooth operations of medical offices by performing administrative and clinical duties. Actual duties vary depending on the job site, which may... Read More »

How much schooling is required to become a medical doctor?

To become a medical doctor, a student must complete at least 10 years of schooling. Training to become a doctor includes undergraduate work, medical school and residency. Specialists may be require... Read More »