School grant while employed?

Answer Not a need based grant. "Need based" means you are poor and can't afford college. You might be able to get a scholarship though.

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Does Union Pacific hire straight out of high school with only a diploma while still employed in fast food?

Yes, they have on occasion, but they prefer to have someone with an established work record out of high school. Right now I beleive they still have people in the midwest furloughed but I can't say ... Read More »

How to Job Hunt While Employed?

The benefit of job hunting while still employed is that you will be able to pay your bills while seeking a new position. The hard part is maintaining a good relationship with your current employer ... Read More »

Looking for the legitemase of Grant approval Network webpage, grant access club & Government Grant Solution?

If you are avoiding scams and thieves, you will NOT even consider the above companies you mentioned because those are scams. If you want legitimate, the ONLY legitimate is GOVERNMENT (sites ending ... Read More »

Can I file a disability claim on a policy I Purchased while employed even though I have now been unemplyed for one year?

NO. You can't collect both state disability and unemployment at the same time in CA. Look at the eligibility requirements for SDI.