School e-mail?

Answer you coulda) call your school and ask for your emailb) try really really hard to rember c) just type in a valid email that is accepts it doesn't have to be correct.

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After switching mail service to classic mail. how do I switch back to original mail mode?

Log in to the classic view. There is a button (all new mail) on the tool bar in the upper right corner next to the help button. Click it and it switches you over.

E-mail was hacked and when I send e-mail the replies seem to be going to e-mail hackers set up by changing one?

change the reply to in your e-mail set-up of whatever program you use.

How do I access school mail from home?

Visit the School WebsiteGo to the school website, and click on the tab that takes you to your email. Enter the user name and password that you chose or that was given to you by the school. Type the... Read More »

Can you be a mail man without a high school diploma?

There are no specified education requirements to be a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service, provided the applicant is 18 years of age. Requirements for employment include a passing score on the... Read More »