School buses have to stop at train tracks, but does the other traffic going the other direction have 2 stop to?

Answer How about an answer from a guy with 24 years of driving a school bus in Minnesota? The driver cancels the 8-way (overhead amber / red lights), pulls as far to the right as possible, activates 4-wa... Read More »

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Why do school buses stop at railroad tracks?

The WHY would be... it's the LAW. Created because of accidents where people were killed because a bus-driver FAILED to see or hear a train.Why does it CONTINUE ?? It SAVES LIVES... for a simple e... Read More »

Why do school buses and transportation vehicles have to stop at a train track?

I will agree that on the surface it may seem silly, but the law is there for a very very good reason. SAFETYThe crossing gates and protective devices are not foolproof, they are mechanical devices ... Read More »

If a school bus stops on a four lane with lights on, does the traffic coming in opposite direction have 2 stop?

Every state is different. If you really want to know walk into a police station and ask or call your local DMV office. Most states say that all directions must stop, unless there is some sort of fe... Read More »

Do you have to stop at train tracks if no train is coming?

While I cannot disagree with the other answers... use common sence... slow down or stop where there is no stop sign... you get rear ended because of your actions.... they may be at fault but won't ... Read More »