School Tools for Your Classroom?

Answer You can improve or hinder classroom teaching and management by the tools you have available to you and how you use them. When deciding where to put your tools, consider how frequently you and the s... Read More »

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Tools for the Classroom?

Making your classroom a more engaging, exciting place for students is the first step to becoming the most effective teacher possible. There are certain tools you can use to grab attention, change u... Read More »

Classroom Setup Tools?

A physically dynamic classroom is key to a child's academic experience from the first day of class. Stepping into a visually stimulating classroom with elements that support learning creates a sens... Read More »

Technological Tools to Use in the Classroom?

In this digital age technology has been integrated into our daily lives. Using technology in the classroom opens up new ways of teaching, learning and communicating. Technological tools can enhance... Read More »

Visual Tools for the Classroom?

Educational research estimates that 65 percent of students are visual learners, 30 percent are auditory and 5 percent are kinesthetic learners. This statistic highlights the importance of using vis... Read More »