School Science Activities to Demonstrate Orbit and Seasons?

Answer Liven up classroom study with science activities for middle grade students about how the Earth's orbit influences our seasons. Though all you really need is two kids and a motionless object to get ... Read More »

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Science Activities Explaining the Seasons?

Although children are aware of changing seasons, they don't understand how they occur or what makes one different from another. As they move through elementary school, understanding grows through e... Read More »

Science Projects That Demonstrate Gravity?

Science projects are one way to boost your understanding of scientific phenomena, such as gravity. Acquaint yourself with gravity and its importance within the field of physics by carrying out back... Read More »

How is peanut brittle used to demonstrate science?

Peanut brittle is a popular holiday candy characterized by a crunchy, brittle texture and high peanut content. Throughout the candy-making process, a variety of interesting science and chemistry re... Read More »

How to Demonstrate the Three Laws of Motion for a Science Project?

The laws of motion were first described by Isaac Newton in his book "Philosophi√ɬ¶ Naturalis Principia Mathematica." The laws of motion are a favorite for science projects, in part because they can ... Read More »