School Projects on the Aztecs and Math?

Answer Not every number system is like our familiar Arabic numerals. The Aztecs' pictographic number system used symbols such as dots, lines, arrows, and hands to represent certain values: a dot was the n... Read More »

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Art Projects About the Mayans & Aztecs?

The Mayan and Aztec cultures are an important part of North American history. These cultures, which existed throughout Mexico, tended to have art that centered around bright colors and the sun. Ran... Read More »

Middle School Math Art Projects?

Combining art and math can be an effective way to teach math concepts to your middle school students. There are projects that use measurement, shapes, graphing and other math concepts to create wor... Read More »

Middle School Math Projects?

Teachers don't have to rely just on tests and bookwork to teach middle-school students math. Choose a project for the class that incorporates what they are learning, and falls within their abilitie... Read More »

Middle School Math Student Projects?

Middle school is a transition between elementary and high schools. It is during these middle school years that skills like multiplying and dividing fractions, basic geometry and even pre-algebra ar... Read More »