School Projects on Marshes?

Answer A marsh can be a mysterious place, since much of its areas are covered or blocked from view by growth. Marshes are also usually teeming with wildlife, ranging from what lives in the water to what l... Read More »

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What plants grow best in marshes?

Do gardenias live in salt marshes?

Because they can tolerate salty soils, gardenias do grow in salt marshes. It is most common to find gardenias on the edge of the marsh where they an be in soil that stays damp but drains well.Refer... Read More »

Do raccoons live in salt marshes?

Raccoons live in several environments, including salt marshes. They can be difficult to observe in this habitat. Like many mammals that live in salt marshes, they are nocturnal. Raccoons wander the... Read More »

The Endangered Mouse Species in the Vallejo Marshes?

The salt marsh harvest mouse (Reithrodontomys raviventris) is an endangered species, indigenous to the salt marshes in the San Francisco Bay area. This vulnerable rodent species has become continu... Read More »