School Projects for a Shoe Box Plant Cell?

Answer Cells are the smallest living thing and are the basic building blocks of all living things. It is important for us to understand these tiny building blocks, but this can be difficult because they c... Read More »

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Ideas for Plant Cell Models for Middle School Projects?

Learning the construction of a plant cell is an important part of middle school science. Plant cells are made of a variety of different parts including the plasma membrane, nucleus, mitochondria, r... Read More »

5th Grade School Projects With a Shoe Box?

Shoe box projects are great ways for fifth grade students to learn while showcasing their creative sides and intelligence. These simple household objects can be used to make inexpensive, fun music... Read More »

School Projects on Shoe Cars?

Shoe cars, or cars in the shape of a shoe, are a visually stunning combination of engineering and whimsicality. You can use shoe car projects to develop your students' abilities in research, writin... Read More »

Science Class Projects on How to Make a Plant Cell?

A plant cell is eukaryotic, which means it has a distinct membrane-bound nucleus, and is the structural and functional unit of a plant. It differs from an animal cell because it has a cell wall and... Read More »