School Projects About the 1940s?

Answer The 1940s were a tumultuous time in world history. The people who lived through the 1940s witnessed a world war and genocides. At the same time, the 1940s were a period of hope, as in the aftermath... Read More »

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Projects for the School About H2O?

The ancient poet Pindar said that "Water is the best of all things." He might have been right, considering that water is essential for all living things to survive. As an everyday object, however, ... Read More »

School Projects About Cotton?

Cotton is a natural vegetable fiber grown for the manufacture of fabric. Before the American Civil War, cotton was the most important crop in the South, where slaves were used to grow and pick the ... Read More »

School Projects About Zebras?

Zebras' exotic looks and natural speed, along with the engaging environment in which they live, make them popular topics of study for students. By learning about these creatures that differ so much... Read More »

School Projects About Skeletons?

Teachers can present lessons about human anatomy to students of any age. Kindergartners as young as 5 years old can learn about the basic systems of the body. Lessons can get increasingly complex w... Read More »