School Project on Alternate Sources of Energy?

Answer The best alternate energy sources create energy without harming our environment and replace polluting fossil fuels such as oil and gas. Scientists are developing alternative energy to help meet the... Read More »

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School Projects on Alternate Sources of Energy?

Expand your students' interest in and knowledge of science with a few interesting projects about alternative sources of energy. Expose students to the concepts of traditional fossil fuel energy sou... Read More »

Sources of Energy for Elementary School?

There are many ways to teach elementary school children about different sources of energy, but most importantly, you need to make your lesson plans engaging, interactive, and easy to understand so ... Read More »

School Project on Kinetic Energy?

To help students understand the basic concept of kinetic energy, perform a science project showing the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy. The term "kinetic" refers to energy when i... Read More »

Geothermal Energy Project Ideas for School?

Geothermal energy is the transfer of heat from beneath the ground to above ground and from above ground to beneath the ground. Underground, temperatures are more consistent than above ground. There... Read More »