School Lunch Games?

Answer For students, lunch may be one of the most anticipated parts of the day; but for school personnel who man the lunchroom, this time of the day can mean screaming kids and a headache. If you're assig... Read More »

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Games for Children in the Lunch Room?

If the children have finished eating before the lunch period ends, fill the remaining time with lunchroom games. Games keep children occupied anytime they are stuck in the lunchroom and cannot leav... Read More »

How to Sit Alone at Lunch in School?

Are you new in school and have no one to sit next to. It sucks, right? Well, there are ways to sit at lunch alone and not look like a loser. But don't do it the whole year. Only do it for a week or... Read More »

Do you eat school lunch?

I did for years, mainly sandwiches daily.Dune

What can I pack for lunch at school?

Pasta is very easy to make, you could also try wraps and you can put any filling in wraps hope this helps :)