School Loans and Taxes?

Answer Try some of these 800 phone numbers:1-866-503-73341-800-828-88011-800-829-1040 1-866-456-38391-888-250-2645

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Do you claim student loans when you file taxes? do not have to claim loans as income because you have to pay them back.FYI - Anything that you have to claim on your taxes has to send you a W-2 or some other kind of form listing the amo... Read More »

Can i claim interest paid on student loans if i do not owe taxes?

You can claim the interest you paid on a student loan regardless of whether you owe taxes. The deduction lowers the amount of your income which is subject to taxation. Therefore, the overall bene... Read More »

Do they have school loans that pay for school and housing?

All student loans can cover school related expenses, including books, fees, housing, and living expenses. The reason that they don't, usually, is because tuition is high and there are limits to wha... Read More »

The Best School Loans?

Students who go to a public state school or a private university often need to use loans to pay for the cost of their secondary education. Students are required in most circumstances to pay back th... Read More »