School Level Science Projects?

Answer The best grade school science projects require a little time and planning. However, if you're having trouble making up your mind some of these projects may spur your imagination. These projects a... Read More »

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Level 7 Science Projects?

Level 7, or grade 7, students are at a point where a variety of psychological and social changes are taking place. Seventh-graders tend to be curious, energetic, with a desire to see how lessons ar... Read More »

Elementary Level Science Projects?

At the elementary level, science projects should be as fun as they are educational. Most elementary school students do not yet have the skills to work with delicate and dangerous equipment, such as... Read More »

Hands-on Elementary Level Science Projects?

Let your elementary school students take a hands-on approach to conducting science projects. Supervise your students carefully and assist them with any difficult or dangerous parts of experiments a... Read More »

Science Projects on Water for the Primary Level?

To children, water is a source of enjoyment. However, they likely don't understand that water, its properties and what it can do, is scientific in nature. If you are an elementary educator, get yo... Read More »