School Goals for the 21st Century?

Answer Education is necessary for the progress of a people. In the 21st century, schools across the nation are revitalizing, regrouping, and reestablishing goals in the hopes of moving the educational pro... Read More »

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National Goals for Schooling in the 21st Century?

National Goals for Schooling in the 21st century was a declaration issued in Australia in 1999, referred to as the Adelaide Declaration. The goals set forth in the declaration were made to ensure t... Read More »

Why is this century referred to as the 21st century?

This century is known as the 21st century because it encapsulates the years between 2000 through the end of the year 2099. It is the 21 consecutive amount of 100-year periods starting at the year 0... Read More »

When does the 21st century end?

According to the Gregorian calendar, the 21st began on January 1, 2001 and will continue until December 31, 2100. On the Gregorian calendar, the years in a century are counted from AD 1, the first ... Read More »

What is the first day of the 21st century?

The first day of the 21st century was January 1, 2001. Since there was no year zero, the first millennium began on January 1 in year number 1. Two thousand years later, the second millennium ended ... Read More »