School Activities for Preschoolers?

Answer Preschool teachers supervise children while they play, but they also need to provide activities that prepare children for kindergarten. Some children might find that being in a structured environme... Read More »

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Back to School Activities for Preschoolers?

Preschoolers can experience both excitement and anxiety on the first day of school. Although preschoolers tend to be more self-assured than toddlers, they may continue to be fearful about leaving h... Read More »

What Are Activities to Do With Preschoolers for the First Week of School?

Preschoolers can experience fear, worry and uncertainty as they separate from parents and step into their first classroom. A teacher who greets her new students with patience and warmth and gives t... Read More »

Welcome-Back-to-School-Activities for Preschoolers?

After a summer at home, preschool children may be nervous or excited to come back to school. Inviting children into the classroom and the new environment means using interesting activities to accli... Read More »

What are some good activities for preschoolers around "All about me" theme Has to be intentional activities..?

I'm not sure what DRDP is either, but here are some activities that come to mind:>Give each child a blank white poster board to take home with the title All About Me! at the top. Include a note t... Read More »