Scholarships, off-campus housing?

Answer Scholarships will generally pay for any college-related expenses. The only catch is that there are some that are earmarked only for tuition and the scholarship agency will want to pay them directly... Read More »

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On-campus versus off-campus housing?

the dorms is the way to go. its cheaper. you're on campus. its easier. no worries about paying bills, no worries about food shopping, no worries about communting to campus and finding a spot etcI d... Read More »

Can Financial Aid pay for off campus housing?

You can do what you want with your refund. Some people opt to not work while in school, others pay rent or pay for car or insurance, whatever you want as long it is for you living expenses after y... Read More »

Can financial aid cover off campus housing?

The most any student with an EFC of zero can receive in a Federal PELL grant is a little over $4000. It doesn't matter if you live on or off campus. Your school will have a budget in place for of... Read More »

FAFSA help...housing "with parent" or "off campus"?

first, if you are considered independent you are either 25+, married, or in armed forces. anyone under the age of 25 and unmarried is dependent even if you do not receive any aid from your parents... Read More »