Scholarships for a highschool student going into grade 12 for university?

Answer Hi Laura~Internet scholarship search sites are good, but they are only one resource you should use to find scholarships. I would advise you to use the big scholarship listing books that you can bu... Read More »

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What do you need from highschool to be accepted into the university of Texas?

Hiccup is usually normal in newborn babies. ANSWER Hiccuping is VERY common in newborns and is not harmful. Sometimes gently rubbing the neck area from the chin to the sternum (up & down, not side ... Read More »

Looking for funding for student who is first in family to graduate highschool and is heading to college.?

Try FASFA it a gov grant that you dont have to pay back and if you dont have any money you will most likely get it. There are also loans. thats the way I had to go.

I am university student and simple use but i have to take laptop or notebook to my university and office....?

You want a laptop because it can do more than a notebook. You don't know all of what you have to do at the University, better to bring a gun to the fight instead of a butter knife, so to speak. H... Read More »

Can you hire a non-student to be a student worker at texas a&m university?

Texas A&M and other public universities have certain jobs for student workers through the Work Study Program. These employees must be enrolled at least half-time, maintain academic progress and sub... Read More »