Scholarships for a college freshman?

Answer There's a scholarship essay contest going at Lafango for college undergrads: Luck!

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What Classes to Take As a College Freshman?

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Depression in College Freshman?

College can be a fun and exciting time in a young person's life. It's a great opportunity to experience new things, and can lead to important moments of maturity and self-discovery. College can als... Read More »

How to Manage Money As a College Freshman?

Money is difficult to manage at any age, much less when you are trying to juggle all of the other responsibilities of living on your own. Before you leave for school it is important to learn how to... Read More »

How to Cut College Costs Before the Freshman Year?

Going to college and leaving home for the first time is an exciting but often very expensive experience. Some students, who have been reliant on their parents for money in the past, are not used to... Read More »