Scholarships for International Students?

Answer to fund you would be VERY expensive, so much, they could send about 10 people to school. :-)

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Anyone know about undergraduate scholarships for international students?

I work for the University of Phoenix, and Scholarships are usually offered by private entities. There are scholarships for everything out there. There can be a scholarships for someone that is a fe... Read More »

Which universities offer most scholarships to international students?

The top colleges like Harvard, Dartmouth, MIT, Yale, Columbia and other ivies except Brown. Unfortunately it's the ones very hard to get into.

Is there any u.s college or university that offer scholarships to international students,?

Almost all US Universities offer fellowships, scholarships, assistantships and student worker jobs to american and international stuidents - rich or poor. A lot depends on your merit, GRE score etc... Read More »

Are there international students in Uk who have students loan from is an information website, you can't apply for loans through it - it can only tell you who to apply to.…And if you look at the applicat... Read More »