Scholarships for Dependents of the Retired Military?

Answer Grants and scholarships for dependents of retired military personnel can help them defray the costs of a college education. The requirements vary considerably, and some scholarships are restricted ... Read More »

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Can you collect both military retired&civilian retired pay?

You can collect both military retired pay and civilian retirement pay or Social Security. Military retirement is not considered a pension but "reduced compensation for reduced services," as the Mai... Read More »

Are military disabled benefits payable to surviving spouses of retired military veterans?

According to the United States Department of Veteran Affairs, a widow or dependent children of a veteran who was receiving disability benefits who is now deceased, under certain circumstances, are ... Read More »

Can retired military purchase handgun with military id?

I don't believe so. The states I'm familiar with want some form of state issued ID so that they can determine that you are, in fact, a legal resident of the state.

Who schooled US Military Dependents in Paris in 1954?

Well that's easy...Education, career development, Job security, builds confidence and Independence. and ladies love a man in uniform!!!