Scholarships for African American Single Parents?

Answer As the number of black single parent students grow, more look for scholarships designated for them. According to the Tom Joyner Foundation, more than 2.9 million single-parent African-American fam... Read More »

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Are there any scholarships for single parents with a 4.0?

yup, tons of them. most offered by womens groups, second chance groups (county, state, national) womens orgs, assoc, committees, etc. 1) look in your phone book and look up every womens groups ther... Read More »

African American Graduate Scholarships?

Minority scholarships for African American graduate school candidates are essential to the large population of black students exploring additional ways to fund their degrees. Minority scholarships ... Read More »

Scholarships for African American Texans?

Scholarships for African Americans in Texas are numerous but may be restricted to residents of certain counties, graduates of particular high schools or to those attending a specific university. So... Read More »

African American Scholarships for Teens?

Paying for an education has become a daunting task because tuition costs have risen steadily over the years. College tuition rates, for instance, rose faster than inflation in 2010 alone, according... Read More »