Scholarship help?

Answer You can go to or… it's about scholarships information. Good luck

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Help in scholarship application?

Good luck with your scholarship applications! I remember back a few years ago while in college I wish I had done more applications. I realized all those $500 scholarships really do add up, especi... Read More »

How can i win a scholarship online help?

Here users can win a $10,000 Scholarship. The free scholarship carries no cost or obligation to the user. You could use the money for any college, university, academic program, or opportunity for e... Read More »

I want to go to Juilliard, on a scholarship. What grades in high school are needed for a scholarship!?

Juilliard's only factor in admissions is how you do in your audition. They don't actually care how you did in high school re: grades. However, many other music schools really do care about your aca... Read More »

HELP! Won a scholarship, now they're making me pay back my aid?

You need to speak with a counselor of the Financial Aid Office of the college that you are attending to understand what is really going on with your financial aid. Scholarships and grants may be m... Read More »