Schedule of nasa entrance exam?

Answer A synthetic "rubber" stiffened up, loosing its ability to fill a gap in the space shuttle Challenger's external rockets. A "blowtorch" of burning gases spewed out and burned its way into the huge h... Read More »

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Is there any entrance exam for NASA?

There a lots of requirements, including a physical exam, but I don't think an entrance exam is required. To see a list of the requirements visit the attached link.

What is the entrance exam of NASA?

There is no such entrance taken by NASA.It needs a continuous assessment of its applicants.So those who want to join it they should keep on working on its projects as well as you have to be a US ci... Read More »

What is the entrance exam for NASA?

nasa enterence exam are those exam in which the student see hope for make there career now a days there is lots of hopefull things in space. when our natural resources are going to empty , we find... Read More »

What is the eligibity to appear in nasa entrance exam?