Scene makeup... Lips?

Answer Honestly, most scene girls achieve the super light nude lip look by putting a thin layer of foundation on their lips (I discovered this accidentally :P), so if your skin tone is fairly light you ca... Read More »

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How to Fix Uneven Lips With Makeup?

Not everyone has even lips. Some have thinner top lips than bottom, or thinner bottom lips than top. Using lipsticks and lip glosses that bring attention to the lips just draws further attention to... Read More »

How to Get Your Makeup Like a Scene?

Scene makeup is generally worn by teenagers who are interested in “Scene” music. This style of makeup emphasizes the eyes and other features are usually downplayed. Although scene makeup is usu... Read More »

How to Do Emo Scene Eye Makeup?

Trying to get the scene emo look? Well here's your eye-makeup help.

Makeup Styles for Tattooing Lips?

While some might find cosmetic lip tattooing an odd modern phenomenon, the website Plastic Surgery Advisor tells us differently. The website states that when it comes to cosmetic lip tattooing, it ... Read More »