Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Learning?

Answer Scavenger hunts have long been a game enjoyed by people of all ages. The anticipation that builds while searching for a hidden item and the thrill of finding it are perhaps what make these games so... Read More »

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4th Grade Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Learning?

Scavenger hunts involve looking for items that are specified by the person who designed the hunt. A scavenger hunt for 4th graders will promote learning in an engaging and fun manner. If you are wa... Read More »

Ideas for a Scavenger Hunt in the Dark?

Scavenger hunts can be fun additions to any party. One way to increase the difficulty is to have that scavenger hunt in the dark. Supply the teams with torches or flashlights. A more time-consumin... Read More »

Silly Scavenger Hunt Ideas?

Plan a scavenger hunt that takes nothing seriously to add some fun to your next party or get-together. Look around your house for unlikely objects to put on your list. If the only thing you see is ... Read More »

Romantic Scavenger Hunt Ideas?

A romantic scavenger hunt is a game that a dating or married couple can do together. To play, one person hides successive clues in a room or outdoor area. The other person follows the series of hin... Read More »