Scary Maze Ideas?

Answer If you can think of one scary maze idea, the next person can probably think of another. There are likely thousands of ideas a group of people could come up with to make a maze scary. You will most ... Read More »

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How to Cheat on Scary Maze?

Always like getting attention by a high-pitched scream but you know about the only maze game that is talking about called the "Scary Maze" game is a screamer but there is a cheat in the game. Here'... Read More »

How to Know when a Maze With the Sploder Pps Is Scary?

Have You Ever Played A Maze Game Via Sploder PPS Then All Of A Sudden, You See A Scary Face And A Boom? Then This Is For You!

How to Make a Scary Maze Game?

You seen it, around the world: "how the heck do you make a scary maze game?" Well now you know! Follow these steps! Go to the tips if you want to make it foolproof.

How to Get to Level 4 on Scary Maze Game?

The Scary Maze Game is a game where you guide a little dot through a maze to get to the end in each level. At the end of level 3, it gets VERY hard and it's literally impossible to get to level 4. ... Read More »