Scared to eat or drink water lately?

Answer If it is a real problem for you see a head doctor, failing that check your source of water and realize their should be no cyanide in it.Chetak

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My groin is itching alot lately and im scared a fungal infection is coming..?

Just from shaving you won't have a fungal infection. Normally I do the after shave balsam on it and no bumps wil occur and even no itching. You might try it first with alcohol as disinfection and l... Read More »

I'm too scared to go downstairs to the kitchen for a drink?

WTF kind of two story house doesn't have a bathroom upstairs?

I usually keep a glass of milk in my frig ready to drink. lately i've noticed an ammonia smell from it?

It might be time to change the glass of milk.

Scared to drink from hydration bladder?

If you are in the YUK the best thing to use is cheap thin bleach NOT the thick sticky stuff. You can usually get it from Tesco, Asda etc.for under a pound for a litre. Use only a small amount (a co... Read More »