Scared!! Seeing weird things?

Answer One thing I can tell you is that it's very possible this isn't related to your period. It sounds like you almost passed out - that's why your vision went black and fuzzy. Whatever happened to you s... Read More »

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Is it weird that I'm 18 and I don't have my permit because I'm too scared to drive?

Not dumb or unreasonable to be afraid to drive. The road is a big, scary place to be. You never know what is going to happen and a lot of people are foolish, reckless..You will probably get to the ... Read More »

I want a facebook, but im scared to get one b/c my dad says there are a lot of bad things that happen there.?

Weird skin things on my chin?

Of course, your first option should be to see a dermatologist to rule out anything serious. It sounds like you have skin tags which, while quite bothersome, are usually not a health threat. I'm s... Read More »

There a lots of weird things wrong with me... Could anyone tell me what it is?