Scanning to network drive folder?

Answer you have to configure your scanner software "save options"

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How to Assign a Network Drive to a Folder?

A network drive is a mapping to a remote computer's shared folder. A network drive is a basic shortcut to this folder location. The shortcut lets you copy, edit and delete files on the remote compu... Read More »

Epson CX9400 network scanning setup. . .?

Try with your question they might be able to help

Win8 scanning and repairing drive?

Just leave it overnight and check it in the morning to see if it has repaired itself. Win 7 and 8 can be very sssllllooowwwww... Try this a couple of times at least because it is your last hope. ... Read More »

When scanning a pic, how do i save it on my hard-drive?

It should auto save it the folder you set it to when you installed the software.