Scanning problem - how do i change what format the picture is?

Answer If you have photoshop, you can go to 'save as' and choose what file you wanna save it as.

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How do i change the size for scanning a picture?

HiSelect PREVIEW and then, click on the marquee corner and drag it to the end to enlarge the scan area. Then press SCAN and you will get the full scan.

How to Change an NEF Picture Format to JPG?

NEF stands for "Nikon Electronic Format." It is a proprietary image format used with Nikon digital cameras. It does not compress the data, leading to high quality images and large file sizes. If yo... Read More »

How to Change the Format of a Picture to BMP in Windows 2007?

BMP stands for bitmap and is a common format for Windows-based image files. BMP files are uncompressed images containing RGB colors, in a pixel grid. The format is often used for storing photos and... Read More »

Am still having problem..even after downloading and scanning my problem is not solved yet?

Chances r u got a smitfraud trojan.Run this tool, it cleared it for me. Instructions r also there, follow it exactly.…But this tool is for XP & win2k only.