Scanning paper documents into Word?

Answer First, you can get Free OCR which is a very good OCR program that will open your jpeg . Just press the MS Word button in the program and it will automatically convert your image to editable text in... Read More »

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[scanning 100pages document] What is the fastest way to translate to word documents?

It's possible to OCR and scan at the same time but a setup with such a capability is out of the price range of most home users ($700+).You're looking at a scanner with built-in graphics processing ... Read More »

How do I convert PDF files into Word documents?

Convert the File to TextOpen the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8 or later. Click on "File" and "Save as Text." Select the location where you would like to save the text file, for example... Read More »

Can you import Word documents into Celtx?

A Word document can be imported into Celtx as an external file. However, the manual suggests that the best way to save your document is as a text file so the conversion is more useful. Simply cutti... Read More »

How to Break a Word Document Into Two Documents?

Microsoft Word allows you to make many types of editing changes, including splitting a single Word document into two documents. The "Cut" and "Paste" features of Word allow you to move blocks of te... Read More »